$5 @ 5 pm. EveryDay Yoga is committed to make Yoga affordable to everyone. Therefore, Sunday through Friday at 5pm we offer a 45 min basic class for only $5 cash (please bring correct change). Class package holders must use active package as payment and cannot pay $5 cash. The $5 classes are meant to assist those who cannot afford to buy a package and not as a way to extend a series.

Yoga Basics. The class is designed for beginners and open to those who wish to reconnect with the fundamentals of yoga. Learn standing and balancing poses, back bending, twisting, forward folding and inversions.  Learn proper alignment to keep your body safe, build strength and become more flexible too.

All Levels. This is a gentle, fully led class designed to fit the needs of all levels and to restore and rejuvenate the body. This class offers each practitioner the opportunity to challenge the body and move as deeply into the postures as he or she sees fit without the pressure of having to memorize a flow. You can expect traditional postures all tied together by your calming yoga breath.

Slow Flow. This class is all about linking breath with movement. Through simple postures, students will learn to flow on their own.  Slower paced than our Vinyasa class, it will allow you to gain strength, balance, flexibility and concentration at your pace.

Vinyasa. In this class you will move and breathe mindfully from one posture to the next, from your intentions to your actions, from outside to inside, from yoga on the mat to the practice off the mat.  Blending a theme, a meditative free-flowing and a powerful soundtrack, you take your yoga from the physical challenge to your supreme potential.  We set up the stage, the rest is in your hands.  Prepare to sweat, detox and purify.  Some knowledge of Yoga recommended.

Relax & Restore. Slow down and catch your breath.  This gentle, all levels class, is designed to ease your mind, relax your body and soothe your soul.  Gentle restorative poses blended with deep stretching will help you unwind so that you leave feeling refreshed, balanced and calm.

Ashtanga Primary Series. Also known as the First Series or Yoga-Cikitsā, means yoga therapy. This is a practice which, when performed regularly purifies your body in preparation for a deeper Yogic practice – both physical as well as meditative. The primary series of Ashtanga will be led by the instructor.  This series contains 51 postures performed in the same sequence in each class.