Yoga for EVERYbody. This is a gentle, fully led class designed to fit the needs of all levels and to restore and rejuvenate the body. While the class isn’t complicated, it does offer each practitioner the opportunity to challenge the body and move as deeply into the postures as he or she sees fit without the pressure of having to memorize a flow. You can expect traditional postures followed by a generous Savasana, all tied together by your calming yoga breath. This class is set to peaceful music and easy lighting, so come in and take a load off!


Slow Flow. This class is all about linking breath with movement. A simple Sun or Moon Salutation (or their variations) will allow beginners to learn to flow and the intermediate students to settle into their own rhythm with fluidity.  Slower paced than our Power Hour and Energetic Flow class it will allow you to gain strength, balance, flexibility and concentration at your pace.  Come find out what happens when strength and grace merge.


Energetic Flow. “Energy goes where attention flows”.  In this class you will move and breathe mindfully from one posture to the next, from your intentions to your actions, from outside to inside, from yoga on the mat to the practice off the mat.  Blending a theme, an energetic moving meditative flow and a powerful soundtrack, you take your yoga from the physical challenge to your supreme potential.  We set up the stage, the rest is in your hands.  Some knowledge of Yoga recommended but not required.


Power Hour (Vinyasa). Are you ready to have some fun? This class is sure to build your inner fire. It is dynamic and uptempo with plenty of opportunities to play and challenge yourself. Every class offers a unique flow and the chance to move on your own and get free! The room is set to 90 degrees and the music will make you want to move. Each class offers Vinyasa flow, core strengthening, opportunities for arm balances and inversions, and finally, some yin-style postures to move the body and mind into a state of peace and relaxation. Leave class with a renewed sense of vibrancy!


Relax & Restore.  Slow down and catch your breath.  This gentle, all levels class, is designed to ease your mind, relax your body and soothe your soul.  Gentle restorative poses blended with deep stretching will help you unwind so that you leave feeling refreshed, balanced and calm.


$5 @ 5 pm.  All Bodies Rise! This gentle yet energizing class is for every level, age, gender, income and walk of life. Join us Sunday through Friday at 5pm for a 50 min practice of moving, breathing, restoring and growing together. Pay just $5 cash  (please bring correct change) or use your current class package.