Gladiola Ulqinaku E-RYT-500
Gladiola Ulqinaku EveryDay Yoga

Gladiola is the owner of EveryDay Yoga. She founded the studio in 2010 with the purpose to make Yoga affordable to everyone. The concept Happy Hour Yoga” was created to welcome people from all walks of life in a safe, non-judgmental space to improve their well-being through the healing powers of the Practice, to create friendships and a loving community. Whether you are taking a class or simply chatting with her at the studio, or outside of it, Gladiola invites you on a journey to distant lands where the traditions of Yoga, philosophy, music, poetry, literature, cutting edge spirituality and psychology are integrated on the canvas of Life. A 500-hour Yoga teacher, certified in Dharma Yoga, Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Tibetan Heart Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and trained in Psychosynthesis, she honors with gratitude and reverence the teachers who have helped her toward the path of Awakening: Alan Haras, Dharma Mittra, Michael Johnson, Justin Barnes, Jonny Kest, and many more.  She believes that the Divine Grace guides us to find the individual manifestation which is our True Self.  Her gentle, yet powerful approach encourages a deep self-examination, inviting the students to awaken to their innate capacity for Love and well-being.  Her aim is to be an instrument of healing, peace, kindness and tolerance. She is a monthly supporter of Capuchin Soup Kitchen and Camp-Mak-A-Dream, often volunteers at a local nursing home or distributes meals to most vulnerable neighborhoods. An accountant during the day, a yoga teacher in the evening, her work begins at 5:30 am and ends at 8:30 pm; the resting hours will find her reading and spending time with her greatest passion, her piano.


Brandi Vander Eyk RYT-200
Brandi Vander Eyk
Yoga was something I originally taught myself from books, and I knew right away the power and potential it held. Admittedly, I was very asana-centered in the first two years of my practice, but as I explored and finally found/chose my guru (Brian Granader of Red Lotus Yoga), I started opening up to the limitless potential, not just of my body, but of my mind as well. I found spirituality for the first time in my life and it taught me how to find self-approval and how to fully embrace the beauty of sangha (community). Once I learned to focus my intention and attention, the way I started to see myself began to change drastically, which in turn, changed the way I saw the world.
Good teachers are always students first. There is always something new to discover in the practice; there is no plateau, and I find that to be the grandest thing of all. Above all else, yoga is a wholeness endeavor, and as a teacher, I believe it is important to challenge students to rise to their fullest potential, and to help them see that the physical and mental limits they set for themselves are manmade. While I take my responsibility as a teacher of yoga very seriously, I teach with a fun, light-hearted approach. I make it a point to sincerely welcome all students to my classes with an honest desire to help them find what it is they seek (and in so doing, I often find what I am seeking). Stepping into the studio, both as a student and a teacher, brings me indescribable fulfilment. I am living out my purpose and I have no doubt you will feel that from me when you come to my class

Stacy Lorne RYT-200
Stacy Lorne
“You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.”- Swami Sivananda.
Karma yoga is my practice. Service is my life’s work. Through asana, we keep the mind and body strong in order to perform selfless acts of service. This is the yoga I hope to share with you.
I received my RYT-200 through a collaborative training of Be Nice Yoga, Shine On Yoga and Yoga for a Positive Living and have subsequently attended workshops specific to yin yoga, which has become my central asana practice.
The desire to share the healing qualities of Yoga took me as a volunteer to the doors of the Veterans’ Affairs Hospital in Detroit, instructing yoga to the residents of the nursing home and assisting in activities. This life changing experience led me to pursue a Master of Social Work degree aimed at advocating for the aging population.
In my classes, you will find Healing Touch, an energetic form of healing that uses the energies of the body to alleviate pain and anxiety. The techniques involve light touching on the feet and arms.
Assisting a population in need is the hallmark of my day, whether it involves working as a recreational therapist at a nursing home or volunteering at Gleaners and Meals on Wheels to deliver food to homebound seniors. I have a soft spot for Jazz and Modern art.
Through yoga we are able to keep peace in our hearts, let’s share that peace with others. Love always and love everyone.

Melissa Weber RYT-200
I’m starting to find some balance and courage in this up and down thing called life. I have a dedicated practice to yoga to thank for it. I have the philosophies of yoga that help me manage my thoughts and my emotions with more grace. (Though I crash and burn here and there – I just don’t beat myself up for as long.) I have a physical practice that allows me to appreciate all of me, edges and limitations. I know that I can connect with the energies that keep me moving forward, and release the stuff I’ve been holding on so tightly to. I’m learning to love the bumps the more I realize it’s all rigged in my favor. So says Rumi.
I have always been a seeker, I just didn’t always know what I was looking for. I found my first yoga class about 25 years ago, then yoga found me again about 8 years ago. And I swear, after 200hr RYT training at Namaste in Royal Oak, I thought I’d simply return to my work as a writer in advertising – just a little more enlightened. It’s not as if I wasn’t warned. The sages speak about it, how once you get a glimpse of your true self there’s no turning back. It’s not easy, this getting to know me thing. Teaching has helped. I’ve been turning towards teaching yoga for nearly 3 years now, and in essence turning in towards myself. So I learned by caring for my self, I can care better for others. Whoa. That was a mind blow. It’s no wonder then that my passions have collided. My nearly 50 years on the planet, my 25 year’s in advertising as a creative director and writer and now yoga have launched me into a business of my own called, YogiStoned (coming soon) – a yoga & meditation inspired clothing line. Just like yoga and our practice, both are designed to help us reconnect to our true self. It’s that unconditional love you have for your self that you simply learn to forget about.
I know that what I’ve been seeking all this time is my own self acceptance, to love who I am. Aren’t we all? But if you don’t know who you truly are, it’s hard to accept or even warm up to such a stranger. The real you is in there. I promise. Keep seeking.

Wholeheartedly, Melissa

Loren Kline RYT-200
Loren Kline
From the very moment I discovered yoga in college I felt a desire to continue. As I settled into my life and career, my career and life felt more unsettled. A strong desire and passion to deepen my connection to self, through yoga and meditation, led me down my beautiful and challenging yogini trail to receive the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training at Red Lotus Yoga. As your teacher, I wish to spread my passion and energy while providing students the space to find peace and balance within. My hope is to create an environment to heal, find acceptance and self love. You will find my classes to be sincere, challenging of body and mind, lighthearted, and welcoming.

Lynne Baum – ERYT
Lynne Baum
Lynne began practicing yoga in 1996 while in Art School in Fort Lauderdale, FL. In her first class she knew she wanted to teach.She graduated in 1999 and returned to Michigan to discover Namaste Yoga where she received her 200 hour training. 6 months later she was the proud owner of her first studio, Moksha Yoga, in Minnesota. In four years Lynne taught over 2000 yoga classes to the beautiful people of Bemidji, included 3 surrounding Native American Tribes. In 2005 it was time to be the student again, so she traveled to India and instantly fell in love with the country and it’s people! After 3 months of traveling solo, studying with incredible yoga masters and saints, Lynne returned to Michigan to help her father make his transition, a feat that only her yoga practice and travels could have prepared her for.

Since 2001 Lynne has taught over 8000 classes. Yoga taught her how to trust her own instincts and to live from her heart. This is what you will learn in her classes. “Yoga opens us up to the possibilities of our lives. It helps us get unstuck! This is how we become authentic!” Lynne teaches a dynamic Vinyasa to rocking tunes with slow steady moves, as well as a grounding Yin Yoga practice. Lynne takes students to India and Costa Rica on spiritual journeys and also trains Yin Yoga teachers at Namaste and across the U.S.

Kathy Blanchard RYT-200
Kathy Blanchard
Performing as a Violist in many ensembles of Metro Detroit Area and teaching young musician has been my life vocation; what I never thought possible was a second calling: teaching and inhabiting a Yogic lifestyle. The new passion for Life I discovered on my mat inspired me to follow a voice within and receive the 200 Hour Teacher Training at Red Lotus in Rochester. In the last 10 years, the practice of Yoga has improved my Life in many levels. In my classes I always draw inspiration from the music world tailoring each teaching to help the students access their individual goals, needs, edge and style; as a result I observe them and myself getting stronger in mind and body and always welcoming new growth. I invite the students to roll out their mats and enjoy the dance of hard work and playfulness.

Amanda Lemming RYT-200
Amanda Lemming
At 16, I began my Yoga journey with nothing more than a mat, a poster of the Ashtanga primary series, and an aching need for a piece of myself I knew was missing. I struggled most of my youth with an inability to connect with people my age, which lead to teenage years infected with isolation, social anxiety, and crippling depression. After stumbling upon a YouTube video of Kino MacGregor breaking down triangle pose, the beautiful, yet nearly diminished, flame in my heart became known to me. I knew from my first awkward, self-taught sun salutation what I was born into this life to discover. By the time I had a job and could go to classes, my yearning for more than just a physical practice grew stronger. Teacher training changed my life; for the first time I felt comfortable in my own skin and the difference in my state of mind was breathtaking. My goal as a teacher is to spark the exuberant brilliance that lies within each student and to witness even one human being discover the same light for themselves. Every day, I put aside time to absorb as much knowledge as I can about the practice. You’ll catch me teaching Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Yin and Ashtanga but if you were to ask me what is my favorite class, I would answer: volunteer teaching to a group of young women, 13-17, at Vista Maria School for Girls. Seeing lives filled with so much suffering, yet an incredible potential for goodness, lightens my heart. No matter where the journey of my life carries me, the presence of spreading love and light will always be alongside me, the most beautiful and welcome of shadows.